Yamaha FZ is the name of the most cherished bike for Bangladeshi bike lover in Higher Mid Range bike category.It’s Fz’s and Fz’s third generation  going on now and today we will discuss about the contrast and comparison among them.

The Beginning:

Yamaha FZ came to our country in mid 2008 that was its first generation.It’s faired version  called Yamaha Fazer came just after. FZ was that bike that made the bikers comfortable,it felt more balanced and was in great control. It has a 153cc air cooled four stroke engine which produced 13.8 BHP and a 13.6 Nm torque.The engine got two valves and a 5 speed transmission.It was 125 kilograms and was filled with some very unique features that  no other bike had at that time.

Yamaha FZs V1 had a diamond frame with a very muscular styling.The main selling point of the bike was the suspension and tyres along with uni-body seats and a wide handlebar. It had a telescopic fork on the front and adjustable mono-shock at the back. The rear tire was 140 section and the front tire was 100 section.The 140 section tire was widest in that segment.The upright seating position delivered more comfortable seating position than other bikes and modern semi digital speedometer,pillion grab rail completed  the bike.
The FZs v1 was completely the most wanted bike at that price range at that time and it sold a record breaking amount in our country.It was very popular to the stunt performers.In recent times it ame up with several upgrades with redesigned pillion grab rail,dual accelerator cable and some other minor things.Then the fuel injection model FZ FI came into the market.

Yamaha FZs FI V2

FZs FI was the most long awaited replacement for the first version of the FZs V1.FZs FI V2 came up with completely different and more muscular styling  and body panels along with split seats,split grab rails,fully redesigned fuel tank and fully digital speedometer.

The biggest change came into the engine which was a completely new one with a 149 cc engine that can prduce 13 BHP and 12.8 NM of torque.It was obviously a bit lower than the first model but as it was FI it delivered more comfort and smooth acceleration. The rest of the bike was more or less the same as it’s
predecessor.The FI version had the same advantages as the FZs V1 and it came up with more attractive colors.The FZs FI V2 had several variants.The half faired  variant Fazer FI which still is the most popular picks for anyone as a touring bike.Later in 2017 a refreshed model of FZS FI was launched with BSIV emission standard and AHO system.

Yamaha FZS FI V3

As the FZs series reached its third generation,the third update was the most exciting and anticipated in terms of design.It has a fully new design although the chassis and  engine remains the same as version 2.The bike brought FZs V1 vibes as it has uni-body seats and more muscular aggressive look.The headlight design and the fuel tank design is like FZ25.The FZs FI V3 has the same engine and produces 13.2 BHP and 12 NM of torque.The biggest change of the bike is the Dual braking system with a single channel ABS as standard.The  bike is available in two variants,Yamaha FZS V3 FI and Yamaha FZ V3 FI.

The Difference Between Them-

The legendary FZs has passed three generations and roughly it is the same bike as it was 11 years ago.But it has modern brakes now along with a slightly different engine but it always focused on the smooth and linear performance,excellent controlling and good comfort for both the rider and the pillion.The FZs FI V3 has the same ergonomics with modern design and features.

Since the launching,  Yamaha FZ series always was one of the best 150cc motorcycles in Bangladesh, and one of the most perfect one. It was always considered as a premium option, cause despite being a 150cc air-cooled bike,  it always provided a lot more to the riders, and the streak continues to this date.