Some Different Versions of Suzuki Gixxer Currently Showcased In Bangladesh. Rancon Motorbikes Limited, therefore Suzuki Motorcycle Bangladesh is showcasing eight different versions of Suzuki Gixxer currently in the market. Their current display is holding both the Gixxer and Gixxer SF each in four different variants. So here comes our brief.







Some Different Versions of Suzuki Gixxer

Very recently Suzuki Motorcycle Bangladesh has updated its product line in all of its motorcycle segments. Hence, accordingly, their Street-Sport series also got a twisting elevation. The new versions of Suzuki Gixxer and Gixxer SF added into their Gixxer series line.








Both the new versions of Gixxer and Gixxer SF also are featuring two different versions holding different features. Furthermore, the previous versions of the Gixxer & Gixxer SF haven’t discontinued. Meanwhile, the previous series also is holding four different variants. So here is the briefing on the Eight Different Versions of Suzuki Gixxer.



New Series of Suzuki Gixxer & Gixxer SF

Suzuki has released the all-new series of Suzuki Gixxer and Gixxer SF last month in Bangladesh. The new series is holding four different models of motorcycles. The new product line is New Gixxer 155, New Gixxer 155 FI-ABS, New Gixxer SF, and New Gixxer SF-FI ABS.





All the four bikes here are holding quite common features in their basic structural & mechanical profile. But some feature enhancement and technical specialties gave each model a different identity. Hence the identical features described here in brief.



New Gixxer 155 & New Gixxer 155 FI-ABS

The new Gixxer 155 usually remaining the street-naked model. The breed got a massive update both in its exterior and technical tweaking. Here entire body design, looks, seating, and riding ergonomics updated with a new profile. Further, a new color scheme gave the series an attractive identity.

Coming to the technical updates, the new Gixxer 155 is now available in two different variants. The regular version is featured with a conventional carburetor fuel-feeding system. Another version is featured with an electronic fuel injection system.

Further in other features, the regular version comes with a solid hydraulic disk braking system in its both wheels. The FI-ABS version is enhanced with a Single-Channel ABS feature in its front braking system. Hence the version is controlled by Electronic Controlling Unit (ECU).






Previous Series of Suzuki Gixxer & Gixxer SF

Coming to the other side of the Suzuki Gixxer series, Suzuki Motorcycle Bangladesh also is displaying the older series. The series is also containing four different models under Gixxer and Gixxer SF badge. The available models are Gixxer 155, Gixxer 155 Dual-Tone, Gixxer SF, Gixxer SF-FI.

All the four models here are holding quite competitive features in terms of price and other competitors. Thereby the series is still in the display to serve different customer ranges. Whatsoever, here is the snippet of the series below.





Gixxer 155 & Gixxer 155 Dual Tone

In the older series, the Gixxer 155 is remaining the most solid model with all economic & standard features. It’s containing all the basic features along with the carburetor fuel feeding system. Wheel, brake, and suspension system are remaining standard. It featured with drum braking at the rear and front is regular disc typed.

The Dual-Tone version of the older series of Gixxer is holding the enhancements in color and graphic scheme. Further, the version is featuring the same carburetor fuel feeding system. But the model got the hydraulic disk braking system in its both wheels whereas other feature remaining standard.




Gixxer SF & Gixxer SF-FI

In the older series of the Suzuki Gixxer SF Suzuki is currently displaying two variants. The Gixxer SF is featured with a carburetor fuel feeding system. In the braking, it featured with hydraulic disk braking system in its both wheels.

In the Gixxer SF-FI version, the model is featuring all the common features of regular Gixxer SF. Furthermore, this version comes with an electronic fuel injection system instead of a conventional carburetor system. In the other features like the wheel, brake, and suspensions systems both the older version of Gixxer SF are featured the same.

Below here are the price of Suzuki Gixxer Series in Bangladesh : 

Model Name Price
New Gixxer SF Fi with ABS 2,79,950 BDT
New Gixxer SF (Carb) 2,59,950 BDT
New Gixxer Fi with ABS 2,39,950 BDT
New Gixxer SF (Carb) 2,19,950 BDT
Gixxer SF Fi 2,19,950 BDT
Gixxer SF (Carb) 2,09,950 BDT
Gixxer (Duel Disc ) 1,99,950 BDT
Gixxer (Single Disc) 1,74,950 BDT


So readers, here was the snippet of Eight Different Versions of Suzuki Gixxer Currently Showcased in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly this is the largest model display in a single series of motorcycles currently in Bangladesh. We don’t know Suzuki Bangladesh will continue this larger display or not. Whatever it is but it’s attractive and buyer-friendly no doubt.