BMW is adding two new members to their super family.The BMW X5M and the X6M,newest member of this BMW family are powered by 4.4 liters of twin turbo engine.They are from the supercar killing family sedan.The Engine can goes upto 250 Km/h if it is electronically limited.If you unlock it, it can go straight upto 285 Km/h.This beast has 600 horsepower in it,so it put the road straight on fire.

The interesting fact is there is another competition package available on top of the regular 600 horsepower version that can go even faster.You can make this beast yours by paying 105,100 USD for the X5M and 108,600 USD for the X6M. But the sad truth is this price will go sky high after it goes through Bangladesh’s stupid tax levels,if anyone dares to  import it in here.
The Local importer Executive Motors will not import any.