The Hummer brand is not producing any cars for almost 10 years now.Rumors were spreading that it could actually return in old form.The biggest surprise came in recent days that hummer maybe,just maybe return  with electric car.

In an exclusive report by Reuters, GM is said to have plans to build a new line of premium electric utes at  its Detroit-Hamtramck plant at the end of 2021.. With this new line comes the possibility of reviving the Hummer  brand as an electric off-roading truck/SUV. This is according to the news organization’s sources – people that are familiar with the said plan.

The BT1 electric truck/SUV project will be the name of the new lineup according to Reuters.It will be the main  subject of the 3 billion USD investment in the detroit-hamtramck plant to make electric trucks and vans.This also is a part of the four year 7.7 billion USD umbrella investment in GM’s US plants.

Reuter’s sources also imparted specific electric vehicles for other GM brands. According to them, GM will start with  a low-volume production of the first BT1 electric pickup in 2021, but it will be under a different brand. A performance  variant of the BT1 pickup will follow in 2022 while an electric SUV will be born in 2023.

Will you buy an electric SUV made by Hummer ??