Honda Hornet 2.0

There are many people who just like to go with the flow. They drift with the wind. And then, there are some people who like just the opposite. They like to explore the upside-down, they want to test the rules of Physics for themselves. They like to race ahead and challenge the wind.

The all-new Honda Hornet 2.0 is all about letting people live their dream. The fierce machine keeps you ahead of others. It is a manifestation of style, safety and power. It turns heads and converts the road into a steady blur in seconds. It’s pure exhilaration at a flick of your wrist.

Go ahead, fly against the wind.

Honda Hornet 2.0 Specs and Details

This is the first Honda bike in the Indian market to take on the 180 to 200cc segment. Honda Hornet 2.0 carries a similar but newly designed body and aesthetics, and some brand new features that were not present in the previous Hornet. The new Honda Hornet 2.0 gets a 184 cc air-cooled engine that is built with HET and PGM-FI technology from Honda, and in compliance with the latest BS6 emission standard.

The 184cc air-cooled engine produces 17.03 bhp of power and 16.1 Nm of torque. The engine has a 5-speed transmission, and the bike weighs 167 kilograms. The tyres are similar to the previous version – 110 section at the front and 140 section at the rear. But, the differences are really noticeable too.

he bike gets an upside-down fork as front suspension and mono-shock in the rear. The front disc is 276 mm and the rear one is 220 mm, and it has single-channel ABS as standard.

The styling of the bike is tremendous. The ignition key placement is in the fuel tank, and With aggressive styling, it gets full LED all the way from front to back, and this bike gets a kill switch, which is really a surprise as most Honda Bikes in this segment never got one. The bike has a hazard lights switch, and a brand new full digital speedometer.

The bike is launched at  1,26,345 Indian Rupees and the price varies from state to state, and there are 4 colors – Pearl Igneous Black, Matte Sangria Red Metallic, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, and Matte Marvel Blue Metallic.

Now lets talk about the title of the article , will it come in Bangladesh? the answer is YES but under two circumstances:

  1. Currently Bangladesh has a limit of 165 cc motorcycle, above which we don’t have permission to import or ride on the roads but if the Bangladeshi goverment give permission to the bikers to ride bikes around 200-250 cc then there won’t be an issue for Honda Hornet 2.0 to come in BD.
  2. If the goverment don’t give permission for bikers over 165cc engines then as Honda is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the world & they also operate a motorcycle factory in Bangladesh so knowing how strong their R&D is Honda can bring this bike in Bangladesh fitting with current Honda CB Hornet’s 165cc engine, Although this process is not an easy process but it is technically possible.