Hero Bangladesh has offered special discounts on their bikes for upcoming EID-UL-ADHA.In this offer Hero is giving maximum 5000 taka  discounts and a minimum of 4000 taka discounts on specific models. Lets take a look on their offer list-

Model                                                                  Original  Price                                  Discount

Hero HF Delux(Kick)                                       82,990 BDT                                     5000 BDT

Hero HF Delux(Self)                                        92,990 BDT                                     5000 BDT

Hero Splendor +                                               93,990 BDT                                     5000 BDT

Hero I-smart 110                                               99,990 BDT                                    4000 BDT

Hero I-smart 100+                                           1,01,990 BDT                                  4000 BDT


Hero Passion Xpro                                            1,06,990 BDT                                  4000 BDT

Hero Glamour                                                    1,11,990 BDT                                   4000 BDT

Hero Ignitor                                                       1,18,990 BDT                                   4000 BDT


In our country Hero is renowned for its commuter segment. Hero Hunk 150cc is now one of the most popular and widely sold bike in our country.Hunk is known for its rigidity and long lasting performance

Recently Hero has made some cosmetic changes that has made this good old legend even more beautiful.Few months back Hero has released its I smart + in a new fashion with some good changes that made the bike better than before.They brought change in the performance and look of the bike.Hero i smart + is now even more beautiful and worthy at this price.
As Hero offers this offer before EID, this will made the commuter lovers to choose their favorite and make the EID even more exciting.