There is a special edition Ducati Panigale V4 Superleggera incoming,and now it is  confirmed.Numerous shots were taken in hidden camera of this superbike. This special edition  is coming to redefine the race of horsepower.

The Superleggera is a trimmed down version of the top spec main superbike.In Italy,Siperleggera means
“Superlight”.This was done before with both the 1199 and 1299 V-Twin Panigales.Now the new V4 goes with the  Ducati tradition too.

Following the previous versions,everything possible is made from carbon fibre of this superbike.

A new subframe is added that has no pillion mounts and has some gentle curves that suggest the smooth mouldings  of a lightweight carbon number.The outer tail pieces too have been modified, surrounding the rear lights with carbon.

The new beast uses a set of 10-spoke BST Rapid Tek carbon wheels.New carbon fibre bodywork is added based on the V4R. But one thing that the bike is not using a carbon frame,it has the same aluminium design instead.

The swingarm is made of carbone fibre possibly.There is a reversed titanium exhaust system thatadopts end cans similar to the Akrapovic unit fitted to the Ducati Panigale V4 25° Anniversario 916. Unlike the limited edition, the header pipes on the bike pictured differ from the layout found on any other V4 Panigale, with the blueing finish potentially suggesting a full titanium system as well as shorter exhaust run to save weight. This beast also has a different clutch which is a sealed unit.It is not that exposed design found on models including the V4 25° Anniversario 916.

Away from this, the bike also looks to make use of the same manually-adjusted Öhlins NPX 25-30 forks as the WSB-focused Panigale V4R,which saves around 600g over  the electronic semi-active unit found on the 1103cc V4S. There also appears to be an Öhlins fully-adjustable TTX36 rear shock.

We got no clear date announced by Ducati to lanuch this superbike.But we expect that if they do unveil this beast this year,they will do it  on October 23,Wednesday,with the rest of their 2020 range.


Image Credit- MCN