It has been 16 years since Dodge has produced the fastest bike of the world,or to say the universe,the Dodge Tomahawk.The bike is just beyond your imagination and luxurious at its best.This is the most exclusive bike in the world.
Bud Bennett the president of RM Motosports is the man behind this project. Initially they had a plan to produce 500 units of this bike,but things were not in favor for them.At a time we thought it would not come in the market.But surprising the whole world,it came into the market and only 9 units were sold.

Can you guess the spec of the bikes??Use your wildest dream,then compare with this.

The Spec

The bike is 8277cc !! It has a 4 stroke V10 engine which can produce 712 NM torque.The power of the engine is 500 BHP. Guess the top speed…420 km/h though some says the top speed is 300 mph.Another crazy factor of the bike is it can go to 0 to 62 mph in just,just 2.5 seconds !!!.The front break is 508 mm.The weight of the bike is 680.4 kg,beyond our normal thoughts.

The Price of the bike was 550,000 USD and yes this is not available in the market.

Last but not least this is the most beautiful bike in the most bizarre way possible.We will not say much,see it in your own eyes.