VolksWagen is taking the ownership of Bugatti very soon.Before getting under the roof of VW,Bugatti is launching their last independent car.”Cenodieci” which means 110 in Italian language is the latest from Bugatti.One thing is that this is not completely a new car or concept.This car is the modern upgrade of of 1990’s EB110 supercar.

The Cenodieci is a 9 million USD Hypercar.This specific car showcases Bugatti’s History.It has a 8.0 L W16 engine which can produce 1600 HP.This Beast can go to 0-100 in just 2.4 sec and 0-300 in 13.1 sec.This is just insane amount of acceleration.The average Corolla takes 13 sec to reach 100 Km/h,now you can compare with that.

To make it super exclusive,only 10 units will be made and sold.Now getting one of these like dreaming in midst of a dream.This is a tribute from Bugatti,to  90’s memory,old sweet days.