Recently BMW brought back a fairly old design, originally known as the “Garmisch Concept”.This is a design study from Bertone that was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970.This was designed by the same designer who designed the Lamborghini Miura.
The Garmisch Concept was vanished unexpectedly after its debut.But Luckily  the original documents of that concept is still there.BMW gathered their best concept creators to recreate the model for 2019 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.The original creator Gandinii was there to help the team with valuable infos.The design was very much understated and was intended for BMW museum in Munich, Germany.It was named a “Controversial” take on the BMW kidney grill.It contains a geometric shadow on rear window which showcases a minimalist design.

In this era of sporty and aggressive design, the Garmisch Concept is a bodly classy one which is completely on some other level.