Electric motorbikes are getting popular day by day.Big countries like Germany,England are having a tough time with fuel powered engine as it is a threat to the environment and fuel are getting very limited.So big motorbike manufacturing companies are taking electric bikes seriously and taking steps to make it mainstream.Now here is the list of some great electric bikes you can buy in 2019 !!!

Harley-Davidson Livewire

The H-D has made plan for years for that bike and reviewed concepts again and again.The outcome is finally here,Harley-Davidson has launched their Livewire electric bikes.The bike has Showa stokes,TFT Dash with bluetooth,and an impressive fast charging.
The price is 28,995 euro.

Zero SR/F

This bike was launched in Amsterdam in february 2019.Zero claimed that this bike has “industry LEading Power” and control and connection.And now they gave a chance to ride that bike.The company has invested another 25 million USD on that bike.This bike is pretty strong and powerful and the looks of this bike is straight amazing.

Cezeta Electric Scooter

This scooter has a mix of retro-old design.It has an old fashionable look but it gets all the latest modern features of an electric scooter.It offers a 75 mile range for a charge and a top speed of 75mph which is pretty outstanding.

Vespa Electrica

When you think of vespa you get a image of a classic scooter with a two stroke engine.Back at 2016 in the Milan Show vespa announced their very own electric scooter.Vespa is already a historic Italian brand .Now the electrica is offering a range of 62 miles which is enough for  city ride.

Energica Ego

The energica Ego won the first ever “Electric Bike of The Year” from MCN in 2017.This is fully moto sport bike and you can not distinguish any difference looking at it comparing with a petrol fueled bike.This bike will be used in MotoGp E series which is not very far away.

Super Soco TC Max

This super soco machine was revealed in UK at Motorcycle Live 2018.This has a top speed of over 60 mph and a torque of 133ft-lb .The is made to compete with a petrol powered four stroke 125 bike but with more efficiency.It got a removable 72v and 45Ah lithium ion battery which will get fully charged in four and a half hour.It offers a maximum range of around 80 miles.
Not only that,the bike got Brembo Hydraulic brakes and a Combined Braking System (CBS).This also passed the Euro4 legislation.The battery was developed in conjunction with Amperex Technology Limited (the company that supply Apple with batteries) and uses pouch cells to pack more energy into a smaller space.
The bike will be available for special order from April 2019 and the expected price is 3999 euro.

Which one is your favorite among the bikes?? Comment down below !!