Finally,the rumor came true.Kawasaki Bangladesh has just launched  Kawasaki Ninja 125 and Kawasaki Z125, two most anticipating bikes of the year.

When the world is running fast and breaking boundaries with super bikes and higher  CC motorcycles at a very reasonable price,We Bangladeshis are stuck here with a CC  Limitation of 165cc. Moreover we have to pay quite double figure than the actual price  of a High end sports bike in our country thanks to our Tax system.For this Kawasaki was  a kind of dream bike for us that we never thought it would launch a lower cc bike let alone it will come to our Bangladesh.

Luckily last year,Kawasaki launched its first baby Ninja that is Ninja 125 and Ninja Z125.As it  was 125cc bike there was a very good chance that it might be come to our country.And too add more  although it was a “Baby” Ninja,man it is a Ninja!!and the dream came true yesterday. Now that grand launching event of Ninja brothers took place in 31st August at Hotel Lakeshore,Banani. The launching event was very well organized with excellent decoratons and detailed presentation.The Price of the bikes was announced at that event.The bikes will be available at their Flagship Showroom and Dealer Point in Rampura.

The Price of Kawasaki Ninja 125 is 4,99,000 BDT and the naked version Kawasaki Ninja Z125 is 4,69,000 BDT.

Though the engine of these bikes are relatively small in capacity but it has the name Ninja on it means it has the same DNA as the other Ninjas out there.One thing though,almost all the components used in these bikes are borrowed over from its elder brother Kawasaki Ninja 250SL and its naked variant Kawasaki Ninja Z250SL.
Both the bikes have dual channel ABS.We hope these two will be a good competetor against other bikes
at this price range.